Scott bowen


Scott Bowen is a Composer, Sound Designer, and Audio Engineer based in Seattle, whose work spans a broad spectrum of genres and outlets. He has worked on everything from big budget Hollywood movies to commercials, local documentaries and even video games.

As a composer he draws from a diverse background combining the worlds of film and music.  In his youth he was equally intrigued by the sound design of Ben Burt, the sound manipulation of DJ Qbert, and concurrently exposed to electronic music for the first time through film soundtracks.  His interest in this sonic cocktail would eventually lead him to DJ and produce his own music.  Early bricolage experiments combining snippets of movie audio with samples gleaned from dance records found crate digging, developed into a love of sample spotting, chopping breakbeats, and synthesizers. A natural progression into DJing to further explore these interests turned into a passion for Drum & Bass music and a growing interest in film scores, especially those that utilized electronic instruments and elements.